JBO Threadmills

High Performance and Quality thread mills for all types of applications and materials.  We have full length thread mills and min. thread length to reduce tool pressure on difficult to machine materials.


JBO Precision Thread Gauges Optimum surface finish

 JBO is the market leader in precision thread gauges with over 8000 different thread dimensions and tolerances available. We have a complete range of gauges covering all types of threads from 0.5–300 mm diameter.


PCD, CVD, and CBN-Tipped Cutting Tools


Swiss Tools Modular Boring Systems


Swiss Tool Systems AG is a world leading manufacturer of modular tooling systems, specializing in development, manufacture and marketing of tool systems.

  • Swiss MBM
  • Swiss Bore
  • Swiss Flex HSK-T
  • Swiss PSC
  • Swiss Varia
  • Swiss CAD
  • Swiss KM XMZ
  • Ecoline
  • HSK Toolholders

About Us


Our Start


With A combined 60+ years of experience in machine tool maintenance, Mechanical and industrial engineering, we noticed a problem common to nearly all machine shops. Sump maintenance was costly in time and resources. Often, smaller shops opted not to bother with preventative maintenance, rather waiting for inevitable failure before taking action! 

On further investigation, we also found that existing solutions were costly and not user friendly. There had to be a better way,  and the tools and equipment had to be available to fix this problem.

Upon further investigation, we found that the solutions (though few) that were available, were so costly as to be not practical.

We decided after only a little debate, that we were going to change all of that. So welcome to the all new!


Our Promise


We start off using  only the best parts we can find, and then we add in th American  pride in our workmanship. For example, we use real bulkhead fittings, where in many cases others just screw into the sides of the bucket.

Every one of our products Is guaranteed to be exactly what we claim, and to do exactly what it was designed to do. If there are problems, just call us, and we will make it right. whether its help in setup, or a replacement part, we will make it right.


More Great Things to Come


We are currently launching our own line of Skimmers, Filters, sump cleaning equipment, Tools just for this task, rolling carts, pumps, Etc. All made in the U.S.A. by veterans for the hard working people in American industry.

Every thing you are going to need to clean, and maintain your sumps easily, and at the least possible expense!