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Briney Tooling Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, privately-owned corporation based in Bad Axe, Michigan with a dedicated commitment to quality from the corporate executives, managing staff, and entire highly-skilled work force. Briney operates two shifts and employs approximately 100 people, all committed to serving the American machining industry and the world market.

Briney Tooling Systems has been supplying quality tool holders in North America for over 25 years and prides itself on producing the highest quality tool holders for all types of tooling connections.

Briney uses the “Quality Team” manufacturing philosophy, along with 5S Lean Manufacturing philosophy of implementing the best ideas from all levels of the company, thus producing quality products and new innovative manufacturing ideas and tooling designs.



 We devote over 15,000 sq. ft. of floor space and round-the-clock shifts of employees dedicated to quality control. Each product goes through an exhaustive 20-point check; we examine the piece in 3-D, inspect our own factory-applied coatings to .0002 microns, and any inspector may halt production of any tool at any time for any reason, no matter how small. Our family’s reputation – and hence, our company’s – depends upon it. 



1971 Gerardi S.p.A. Co. established by Ivano Gerardi Sr. in 1971 with a background of 20 years experience in all kinds of machine shop throughout Canada and U.S.A. Today the company is just 5 Km from the Milan International Airport Malpensa 2000. 

 1980 In the eighties the company grew to become the largest Italian vise manufacturer, one of the leaders in the European Common Market and the quality of its products gained worldwide renown and solutions Meanwhile, the company developed its own Grinding machines with a totally new concept at the base of the project. Moreover Gerardi S.p.A. has designed a widest range of Angle Heads for traditional machine tools and machining centers and Driven Tools for C.N.C. lathes. With worldwide marketing efforts, the company brought the production from few pieces to and such thousands technologies to be known and sold all over the world. 

 1990 The new machine was exhibited at the Milano machine tool show in 1990 and since then the research and development of the grinding technologies have never stopped. In the same period the company established a joint-venture in China for the manufacturing of parts and types of vises together with the Chinese aerospace industry. Thanks to major investments the new company is today fully controlled by Gerardi and is achieving the same excellent leadership results in Asia as those accomplished in Europe. 

 2000 After the set up of a US subsidiary Co. near Chicago (Huntley - IL), new German and English branches, have been estabilished in Stuttgard / Germany in 2007 and in Bristol / UK in 2010 in order to better penetrate and service the local markets. Of course this meant a huge financial effort and investment, but the fast evolution and continuous adjustment to high competitive markets has always been the main Gerardi S.p.A. feature. 

 2012 Gerardi sets up a new plant for angle heads manufacturing in LONATE POZZOLO and a new company in INDIA for the manufacturing of fixtures for the Indian market. 

 2015 The Gerardi S.p.A. Co. staff nownumbered over 200 employees, with an averageage of under 40. In the company all the top roles and manager positions were acquired through internal training and experience geared to devoloping individual skills and abilities. Our total export is today more 70% of our total production in more than 50 countries around the world and we invest about 10% of our total turnover in advanced technological research for new products. 

Heule (Territory So. TX, AR, LA)



In the late 1950's, Heinrich Heule realized the need for quality deburring and chamfering tools in the manufacturing industry. Indexing parts or deburring by hand was wasting time and reducing productivity.

On June 22, 1961, Heinrich manufactured the first HEULE tools for a regional firm, from the cellar of a house situated in Rheineck, Switzerland, an ancient market town in the Rhine Valley. With that success, Heinrich founded HEULE Werkzeug AG.

Shortly after, German Automotive Manufacturers who saw benefit in HEULE's ingenious tooling requested the developmment of a standard series of deburring tools. "The day on which I signed the first contract for my tool was the most wonderful day in my whole professional life," says Heinrich, who is still today the owner of the company.

After serving the European community for 25 years, an office in the United States was opened in 1988 to serve the growing industries in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The company has continued to grow, now with additional offices located in China and South Korea. 



 Xactform SA, founded in 1985, is one of the most important tool makers in thread milling and thread by turning. Pioneer in this specific field, it developed its own technology to machine solid carbide mills and laydown inserts. Xactform is a reference in this field for regular or special tools.

Thread milling: productivity gain

Xactform products increases machining times and reduce standby production with longer tool life. The result is all benefit for threading productivity.

Special tools on demand and standard tools

Xactform catalogue offers a large range of standard tools for every thread norm. However, about half of the annual production meets the special needs requested by the users.

SWISS MADE: precision and reliability

Xactform exigency performs all over the world with the Swiss Made label. Strict controls warrant precision and reliability.

Fast worldwide delivery

Xactform stocks all standard tools to reduce delivery times, enabling you to start on your new project quickly. 

YMW High Performance Taps

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 YAMAWA is an international leader in tapping products based in Japan.  With five factories and over 800 employees YAMAWA, a 90 year old company, is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of taps who provides the highest quality taps and center tooling that industries all over the world rely on. For over 40 years YAMAWA has helped North American manufacturers with high quality threading products. YAMAWA’s Zelx product line has provided consistent and reliable tools to some of the world’s leading manufacturers. The Z-Pro tap family adds to that tradition by offering economical tapping solutions for less demanding materials. 


YMW Taps USA has been the sole importer of YAMAWA taps since 2012. Our staff has over 60 years of combined experience in the industrial tooling business. Our 6000 square foot warehouse houses our complete line offering of YMW USA products. Combined with our wholesaler network, we can get our distributors the tap they need for their customers. Our national network of distributors can help customers find the right threading solution for any job. We also offer technical support on our entire product line to both distributors and end users.

YMW Taps USA is located in Santa Ana, CA.